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For instance add extra small beads t the top of every spiral for some color, or if you just can't stop yourself from making spirals add even more drops for more drama. Whatever you do have fun with it! When you get enough of a spiral you can drop the flat nose pliers and use your fingers. On the smallest spirals only, make a small loop going from the front of the spiral to the back Bend this spiral up to make the loop centered to the spiral center Set aside the completed and uncompleted spirals.

At the mark bend the wires up to center them Make a small loop going from the front of the spiral to the back hold the wire stem just under your tool to keep the stem from warping while making the loop. Assembly Gently hammer all the spirals to make them sturdy, be careful to not hammer the small loops. Feed onto the large spiral one small one medium and one small spiral drop Make a small loop on the large spiral going in the opposite direction of the spiral to capture these drops and make a place to hang on the earwires.

Can put crystal, lava beads, woolen balls and other beads into the bead cage, to make necklaces, bracelets, earrings and other unique crafts. As a healing stone Citrine is known as a stone of wealth and good fortune. This is about a wealth of happiness and joy. The spiral cage can comfortably be extended with stretching to accomodate even large stones. Results pagination - page 1 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 Shop by category. Condition see all. Not specified.

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Item location see all. Love knot : Generally three intertwined rings made from wire or tubing reformed or flattened as a group after assembly into regular or irregular shapes. Low relief : Ornament in which designs are raised above a background surface, but raised only about half as high as in high relief. Also known as bas relief.

Low square setting : Usually the replacement for the upper half of a square prong setting; generally used for repairs. Marcasite : Trade name for a bright iron mineral called cubic pyrite. Common in antique jewelry, marcasite is currently popular. Medallion : Round or oval disk, often commemorating somebody or some event, generally with a head or figures. Resembling a coin, they can be cast or stamped. They may be mounted in bezels and hung or inserted into jewelry.

Memory Wire: Flexible steel wire tempered to hold its coiled shape. Used for stringing beads. Coils for rings size, bracelet sizes and necklace sizes are available.

Memory wire does not require the use of a clasp. Mesh: A finely woven metal fabric. Metal Etching: A method of creating a design on metal using acid. Parts of the metal are covered and protected from the action of the acid, while the exposed parts are eaten away by the acid to form a design. Metal Stamping: An ornamental stamped metal part, generally formed by die striking.

Mezuza : Case for a written Hebrew prayer; attached to door posts for good luck, but in miniature version a religious finding worn as a pendant or charm. Milanese Mesh: A flexible mesh created by weaving interlocking wire spirals.

Gold spiral WIRE earrings

It can be made into various shapes and forms, such as necklaces, bracelets, rings, etc. Military Grip: See "Butterfly Clutch". Mold : Hollow form into which molten metal is poured; a rubber form into which low-temperature white metal is poured; bronze or iron form into which molten metal is poured; flexible rubber form into which wax is injected as the first stage in lost wax casting; a refractory material investment into which the wax patterns are placed, then burned out prior to being filled with high-temperature molten metals such as brass, silver or gold.

Momme : Japanese unit of weight for cultured pearls - equals 3. Money clip : Small form of folded spring metal used for holding bills in the pocket.

Fleur-de-lis pendant - How to make wire jewelry 111

Often decorated on one or both sides. Monogram : Combination of letters arranged in a pleasing and artistic form and engraved onto jewelry, watches, silverware etc. Mood stone : Primary component of the famous "mood ring" of the s. Trademark of Q-Tran for a heat-sensitive liquid crystal material sealed in plastic.

Mordant: An acid used to etch the surface of metal, glass, stone, etc. Mosaic : Decorative work in which a design is formed of small squares of colored glass or enameled material set into cement.

Boho Swirl Wire Spiral Hoop Threader Earrings Sterling Silver – Bling Jewelry

Some precious and genuine stones are similarly laid into a matrix to form patterns such as a checkerboard. Motif: See "Charm". Mounting: A piece of jewelry onto which a stone or stones will be set. It can take several forms, such as a ring, a pendant, a bracelet, or a necklace. Napkin ring : A small ring of any material designed to hold a folded napkin by the place setting at the table.

Neck Chain: A chain that can be used to hang a variety of ornaments, such as lockets, crosses, and beads, around the neck. It varies in length and can be worn separately or in multiples.

Necklace Extender: A short length of chain, beaded chain or other necklace material with a connector on one end and a loop on the other. Necklet : A short necklace or chain - less than 18 inches in length. Its name can be attributed to its alligator-mouth appearance when viewed from the side. No-Hole Ball: Either a hollow metal sphere swaged from seamless tubing or a solid metal sphere machined from rod.

Solid no-hole balls are generally brass, while hollow no-hole balls are available in both base and precious metals. After swaging, the ball is separated and rolled into shape. Mostly used as ball earrings with posts.

get link Non-magnetic : Watch parts made of non-ferrous metals that cannot be magnetized. Nothing necklace : Extremely fine gold chain, sometimes with small stones or ornaments. Novelties: See "Charm". Obverse : The face of a coin or medallion opposite is reverse. Omega Clip: The name for a wire finding shaped like the Greek letter omega.