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She's convinced he needs to die. Can he convince her to make love not war? On the run through time, attempting to escape a man who is hell-bent on Lara's lack-of a-future becoming a reality, the couple must leap from one time and place to another just to stay alive.

In the second volume of this sexy and humorous new series, Lara and Reece share an existence with a harem eunuch and a spoiled Turkish princess and then with an honorable samurai and the brave ninja he knows is fated to be his true love. Twice Upon a Time is the second in the Lovers' Leap series of serial novellas.

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Around the grounds, which are very well kept and apparently can handle large events, like weddings. What everyone comes to see, however, is the view down. This is looking east to Alligator Pond.

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She explained at the entire bay east of here is shaped like a croc, with its tail at the end by Milk River. Dumb to miss it.

On our way back down we stopped at our local supermarket in Pedro Cross, locally referred to as Crossroads because of, well, two fairly major roads crossing there. On our way back to TB it finally rained. Many of these pics courtesy of my friend China. Continue reading this series: 6: Food, Glorious Food.

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And you hike down the ocean about Ft down — but not for someone is not a great shape. Jim had a plan for the day which led us to dinghy ashore to the dock in Reid harbor. Soon after we left the schoolhouse we found a road which took us to an open field area before it turned northwest and uphill again through woods and eventually broke out into the well-known, mossy cliff on top of the island.

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We sat on the bluff for the longest time, it was hard to leave such a great spot. There were several Ranger Tugs docked or anchored in Reid Harbor during our stay. Probably three or four other than ourselves. Every time we come out to the Pacific Northwest, we run into them while cruising or at a Ranger Tugs cruise or rendezvous.

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They are experienced boaters in the area, always willing to share local knowledge with us. We took advantage of the manual pumpout station.

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What a great idea to make this available to cruisers and sailors. Ranger Tugs, C-Dorys and Rosboroughs are everywhere! The numbers of small trailerable boats on the east coast of the United States is growing. During the past ten years, while we've….