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And so many other moments that stick out: That brief impossibly romantic shot of Jon and Dany on their respective dragons above the clouds against the moonlight. Arya creeping around the library like the velociraptors-in-the-kitchen scene in Jurassic Park. Drogon swarmed with wights and trying to shake them off like killer fleas.

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That long continuous shot following Jon through the castle. Because we know that under any other circumstances, Jon would have immediately run to save his best friend. But the situation was so dire, the stakes so high, it was every man for himself and Jon had to keep his focus on finding the Night King.

There were several moments like that where you felt this sense of helplessness. There were also times I wished there were fewer wights shown invading the castle. Theon Greyjoy : Theon knew this was a one-way trip. The Night King himself to protect Bran just a little bit longer. His whole story has been tied to Daenerys — falling in love with her, losing her, earning her trust to come back into her service, and now leading her Dothraki army.

Sansa, never trained for combat, says she has no idea what to do with it. In the crypts, Sansa huddles with Tyrion awaiting their fate.

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Sansa shows the leadership skills she first demonstrated during the Blackwater siege when Cersei was falling apart and she tried to comfort the other women and children. Eventually, the Night King does his resurrection trick and all the corpses from the crypts come to life and attack.

One of these zombies has to be Lyanna Stark, right? Rickon too? Dolorous Edd : Dolorous Edd has been around since the first season. He was fighting wights with Samwell when he takes one protecting his friend. And now his watch has ended. Realistically, she was always going to be an underdog to survive, but she went out rather heroically.

Lyanna faced off against a zombie giant. Lyanna manages to stab the giant through his eye, killing him. This is apparently why the Lord of Light kept bringing him back. Dany on Drogon and Jon on Rhaegal vs. This is the stuff of Anne McCaffrey paperback covers and it brings the fabled past of Westeros alive. At an hour of effort, Dany finally gets a clear shot at the Night King.

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  7. The dragon lets loose, blasting him with an annihilating fireball. We hold our breath. The fire clears.

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    The Night King is still there, now with a bit of an undead smirk add this to the list of Night King memes. How did he survive? Is the Night King a force projection from planet Arch-To? The episode is cleverly constructed so we keep thinking Jon is going to kill the Night King and he keeps getting pushed back. We get an amazing continuous shot of Jon as he runs and fights his way past so many other major characters as wights tumble into the castle on all sides. But he gets pinned down by zombie Viserion, blocking him with blue fire.

    In that last shot, it appeared like Jon was going to face down the dragon anyway and just go out in a blaze of suicidal blue glory. Arya Stark : Arya asked Gendry to make a staff with dragonglass on each end. This made some fans wonder if she was going to kill the Night King last week — which was absolutely correct even though her weapon had nothing to do with it. The Red Woman has been talking about a climactic battle against the forces of darkness for the entire series, no way she was going to miss this. And in that darkness, eyes staring back at me. Brown eyes, blue eyes, green eyes.

    Melisandre has long said her mission is to save Westeros from the wintery forces of death, even if that means doling out plenty of death herself. Melisandre reminds Arya of her training and her prophecy. She leaps onto the Night King like he was Gendry. She takes her Valyrian steel dagger that she got from Bran.

    The Night King grabs her wrist. Arya drops the dagger into her other waiting hand and plunges it into him — the same dagger that was originally sent with an assassin in season 1 to kill Bran now saves him and everybody else.

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    He fails at the very last minute. How much does the Three-Eyed Raven know? Is he like Doctor Strange, having seen billions of possible endgame outcomes and this is just one? Melisandre takes off the enchanted necklace that maintains her youth. We last saw her do this while resting in her Castle Black chamber. This time she walks into the snow, which has a Thanos finger-snap-like effect on the Red Woman.

    She ages, stumbles and turns to dust. It might be that Melisandre was just tired of wearing the exact same outfit for hundreds of years. The overwhelming threat of the season has been defeated. There are three super-sized episodes left. Technically speaking, in terms of minutes of screen time, most of the season is left. Nearly 20 characters are gathered at Winterfell. Presumably, the struggle for the Iron Throne will resume in earnest. Can this alliance hold together?

    Or will the tense cracks between some characters that were on display in the first two episodes grow into catastrophic chasms? Compared to the Night King and an army of zombies, Cersei seems like a ridiculously easy opponent to overthrow. Game of Thrones recap of Winterfell battle: A dark, epic bloodbath. FB Twitter ellipsis More. Image zoom. Game of Thrones. S8 E3. TV Show. Drama , Fantasy. Atlantis: The Lost Empire Moliere.

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