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It is so, for example, especially on the night at Gethsemane. Jesus prayed with intensity in public moments, sharing the liturgy of his people, but also seeking withdrawn places, away from the turbulence of the world, places that allowed him to dwell in the privacy of his soul: he is the prophet who knows the stones of the desert and goes up high into the mountains.

Jesus prayed like all men and women in the world pray. And Jesus does not refuse, he is not possessive of his intimacy with the Father, but rather, he came precisely to introduce us to this relationship with the Father. And thus, he becomes the teacher of prayer to his disciples, as he undoubtedly wants to be so for all of us.

Even if we may have been praying for many years, we still have to learn! And we do not even know whether the prayers that we address to God are effectively those that he wants to have addressed to him.

Teach Us To Pray (Part Two) With Apostle Joshua Selman - Koinonia

The Bible also gives us testimonies of inappropriate prayers, which in the end are rejected by God: It is sufficient to recall the parable of the Pharisee and the tax collector. Only the latter, the publican, goes home from the Temple justified, because the Pharisee was proud and he liked people to see him praying and he feigned prayer: the heart was cold. But one always begins with humility, and the Lord listens. The Lord listens to humble prayer.

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Let us do this during this Season of Advent and he will certainly not allow our invocation to go unheard. Religious Catalogue. Daily Readings. Prayer Requests. Papal Documents. Papal Audiences. General Audiences Pope Francis. Teach Us to Pray. Authored By: Pope Francis. Teach Us to Pray Pope Francis "Even if we may have been praying for many years, we still have to learn!

There we met someone who was a keen supporter of Wycliffe, and it was around then that we decided to begin to donate to Wycliffe regularly. We were linked with Doug and Hazel, and I remember visiting them at their home, just as they were preparing to return to serve with Wycliffe in Papua New Guinea. Hazel asked me to help her sort out some suitable clothes for their two young daughters from the pile of stuff that had been donated to them.

I was challenged by their willingness to bring up their children in a far-off place.

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Such faith and sacrifice was beyond my imagining. I knew that I was supposed to be praying… but the reality was that I did not pray I did not know how I knew that I was supposed to be praying for them, but the reality was that I did not pray for Doug and Hazel — because I did not know how to.

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I did not believe that my prayers would make any difference. I did not know that I had a voice, and I did not believe that I would be heard by God. Sadly, my family experienced tragedy when one of my brothers was killed in a road accident. My parents could not cope with their grief, either individually or together, and separated a few years later. So at the age of 17, I was bereaved and ashamed, and felt alone and abandoned.

38. Teach Us to Pray (Luke 11:1-13)

God rescued me when I was 19, but it was another 25 years before I began to look at all the repressed emotions. A counsellor encouraged me to begin to express myself, and slowly, slowly, in the safety of her loving presence, I found my voice. Over many years of counselling, I have been helped to dismantle the prison of lies, and to walk in the truth that God wants to hear my voice, and is attentive to my prayers. Once, when I was away from home on a retreat in another country, a minister — who did not know me — suggested to me that I open my heart, with the clear implication that my heart was closed.

God has been working in many ways, and through many people, to open my heart more and more to him in prayer.

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Some of the main ways that God has been teaching me are:. I was so surprised, as I had never witnessed such a natural way of praying. There was no special voice or posture — he simply talked to Jesus as a friend. It is a short and simple liturgy, which I found helpful. It meant that I was consciously thinking about God at least three times a day!

Set prayers like this can help me to get started focusing on God rather than myself. I decided to read through a gospel, or rather to listen to a gospel being read to me via CDs that shows it was a while ago — today I listen to the Bible on my smartphone! Listening is a very different experience from reading, and with repeated listening, I have built up a more vivid picture of Jesus and the 12 disciples.

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It helped me to listen to long sections, rather than individual episodes. I often listened to a chapter last thing at night, so that I went to sleep with the word of God filling my mind.

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There was a season when I just listened to John chapters 14—17 night after night. In this time, I really felt that I was getting close to the heart of Jesus, and listening to his intimate conversation with the Father. I felt that the word was feeding my soul, not just downloading information into my head.

Romans —2 encourages us to be transformed by the renewing of our minds. This has been one of my favourite Bible verses, because I long for it to be true in my experience, and not just a truth in my head. It could not happen by my willpower, because it is a spiritual work. To allow and invite God to work in me at a level beyond my human understanding, I choose to spend time sitting quietly, being aware of the presence of God, and stilling my mind. This is not easy in our busy noisy world! Over time, and with regular practice, I found it easier to be quiet and still, and my desire to sit in the presence of God increased.