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You may want to consider placing in less competitive categories so you can stand out this is a good way to position non-fiction books. Grade Range optional : Only adjust the U. Grade Range if you are targeting your book to children. Search keywords: Be sure to pick seven phrases and you can separate with commas.

Keywords can be a combination of words e. If you would like to do a preorder, you can set the date from 3—90 days out. Amazon will create the product page within 24 hours and the book will be released to the public on midnight of the day you select. Beware: if you are uploading a dummy or placeholder file, you need to make sure you change out your eBook at least 10 days ahead of time. More details on preorders here. BB eBooks recommends a cover that is px in height. Use a professionally made cover and do not use the Cover Creator.

More on eBook covers here. Do not rely on this to prevent piracy. Additionally, many readers are put off by DRM.

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The process takes a minute or two. KDP will run an automatic spell check on the process and give you a list of spelling errors if any. Some of these may not be errors, so it is up to you, the publisher, to decide if they need to be corrected. If you are a client of BB eBooks, please free to forward us the list and we can fix the typos for you on all editions. The online previewer has some bugs with regards to embedded fonts and the starting reading location. If you uploaded a. BB eBooks recommends ending your pricing in.

For more on pricing your eBook, please view our Publishing page here.

1. Find A Potential Niche For Your Kindle eBook

So, a book that has a 0. The delivery size is tabulated based on the content, interior images, but not the cover image if the eBook is packaged correctly. BB eBooks takes great strides and innovation to ensure that the delivery size is as small as possible. To check the actual delivery size, scroll down past the pricing and check the fine print. Below is an image of where to locate the delivery size:.

For books with large amounts of images e. More details on delivery size here. Enroll this book in the Kindle MatchBook program: Kindle Matchbook allows readers who purchased the print edition to get the eBook edition for a discount. Most readers will surely just be happy with a the book, and b Amazon.

Why do they need anything else? This is rubbish. How could it? Yes, you will probably want a page for each one of your books. Yes, you probably want some kind of bio.

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Yes, you probably want a contact page. Tiny differences in set-up will make a few percentage point impacts on your conversion rates, and, when cumulated, those little impacts can make a huge difference to the success of your campaign. Your ebooks need to take people to a page on your website that maxes the number of people downloading your story.

Here is an example of a good page from my own website and see what happens when you click the buttons — functionality matters. Eliminate all in-site navigation. This page exists on my website and has completely normal navigation tools up at the top, excepting this page. On this page, I want people to click those buttons. Have incredibly obvious calls to action. Giant orange buttons on a monochrome background works for me. And it just so happens that obeying that command involves collecting an email address. Around two thirds of visitors to my website end up leaving me their email address.

Those are the people who are likeliest to buy my work again in the future, and now I have a way to get in touch with them direct. The site should communicate what you are all about as an author as swiftly as your book covers do. Your site should be mobile responsive, so that it looks as good on a phone as it does on a PC or tablet.

There are other bits and pieces to get right, but any half-way competent designer should do them fine. So build it good, and get ready for launch. So be sure your story lives broadly speaking in the same fictional world as your for-sale novels. Be sure that your magnet is well-presented and has a lovely book cover. I also recommend you make at least some of those links visual i. Text links are great, and you should use those, but visual plus text beats text alone. That story you offer does not need to be a full-length novel. Anything from 5 to 15, words is fine.

One story a magnet to attract readers and collect email addresses. The first is Mailchimp or any other mailing list provider. They will store your email list, send mass emails, eliminate duplicates, handle the unsubscribe process, and plenty more. Some people find Mailchimp hard to use and prefer Mailerlite. If you are ambitious and tech-confident, you might want to use the more powerful Convertkit.

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Creating a smooth path for your readers is key. They need to:. If you need help with web bits, then get this. Again: all this set-up stuff can seem boring, but so is climbing up a long flight of steps.

You can now manage your CreateSpace content on Amazon's improved publishing services.

Rushing to publish too soon is the absolutely class, 1, gold-plated mistake that most indies make. There is, yes. Self-publishing is more complicated than regular publishing, especially at the start. Later on, it can actually seem simpler in many ways, especially if you hate giving up control.

But still: a lot to take in. A lot to do. Well, yes and no. That course is super-premium, which is a fancy way of saying a really high quality, and b scarily expensive. After all, why buy, when you could rent? For a crazy-cheap and cancel-any-time monthly fee, you can become a member of Jericho Writers — a club designed for writers just like you.

Quite simply, we aim to give members as much as we possibly can.

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