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Or how and why tell it that way? I wanted to compress the time. I wanted to tell a story and have that occur in the course of over just a few days. When I was thinking like the structure of the novel, around how long I wanted it to be, well, I thought it will probably be around 12 chapters and then it suddenly occurred to me that it would probably be interesting to have each chapter be a day, so that it way can be like more compressed. What is it that conveys the most from that experience and why is fiction the best way to tell this story? Even though, you know, these characters and the places where they live and the lives that they lead are very particular, I feel like there is always something human and universal about this story.

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And then in the book, there is no mother. The mother character is gone. Support Provided By: Learn more.

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Salvage the Bones

Close Menu. Email Address Subscribe. Junior is the youngest and is basically looked after by his older siblings. Teen pregnancy, puppies being born, dog fighting, a drunk father, poverty and a hurricane make for a raw and gritty book. This family has it rough but they come together and support each other. Even their father is able to pull himself together enough to try and prepare for Hurricane Katrina.

The beauty in this book is in the beautiful writing, that and the love of a boy for his dog. This book is depressing and sad but also full of familial love. The descriptions are vivid and detailed.

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  • 'Salvage the Bones' from Jesmyn Ward unleashes Hurricane Katrina - kompmisdanira.tk.
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See more of my reviews at www. View all 9 comments. Dec 06, Michael Ferro rated it it was amazing. With being the most deadly year in U. Ward has crafted one of the most spellbinding novels with this effort. The book exudes that southern heat that comes in the hours and days before a monster storm, the vivid landscape of this rural, poor fictiona With being the most deadly year in U. The book exudes that southern heat that comes in the hours and days before a monster storm, the vivid landscape of this rural, poor fictional Mississippi town is alive on every page.

And Ward's year-old female protagonist named Esch might be one of the most dynamic and realistic characters I've read in some time. This is a novel, though fiction, that should be shared with so many in our polarized culture. As America braces for the likelihood of many more superstorms to come in the future, it's vitally important that more people read works like these that build the empathy we are so lacking in today's culture.

We're not going to stop mindlessly polluting or stupidly discrediting global warming—at least not with this administration—but we can learn to understand the experiences of one another. View all 16 comments. The pulpy ripe heart. The sticky heart the boys saw through my boyish frame, my dark skin, my plain face. I was beloved. She loves mythology and escapes by reading and imagining.

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She tells us her first time having sex was when she was twelve 3. She tells us her first time having sex was when she was twelve. He lives with his girlfriend, but Esch is always handy for a secret quickie. She is determined to get him to kiss her and show some affection. Why do you put up with it? She tells us about her brothers, her father, her late mother, her grandparents.

We see her only through her telling. People and clothes are filthy, sweaty, smelly. Unpleasant, yes, but real and true. Esch kept wandering back down sidetracks to tell us about memories or fill us in on background, and I got impatient. It was her escape, no doubt, but I was worrying along with her father about the hurricane warnings! The best part was the hurricane — both horrific and terrific. That was absolutely compelling and page-turning. My storm was Katrina. The sky turned orange and the wind sounded like fighter jets. Even in language, it reduced us to improbable metaphor.

I enjoyed her recent novel more, Sing, Unburied, Sing which I also reviewed. View all 12 comments.

Salvage the Bones: A Novel (Hardcover)

Mar 15, Dana rated it it was amazing Shelves: favorites , botm. The story is broken into twelve chapters - the twelve days leading up to Hurricane Katrina. The narrator is fifteen year old Esch. Much of the story centers around her coming of age - being motherless and among all males.

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Esch is living in poverty on a junkyard called The Pit with a father who drinks too much, one brother raising a pit bull for fighting, and two other br 4. Esch is living in poverty on a junkyard called The Pit with a father who drinks too much, one brother raising a pit bull for fighting, and two other brothers as they brace for the hurricane in their path - each living with challenges of their own. This is a story about familial love - each doing the best they can, living in wretched conditions and the lengths they will go to protect and sacrificing for one another.

Knowing that the author, Jesmyn Ward, lived through Hurricane Katrina makes the story even more meaningful to me. Having just left New Orleans the week before Katrina hit, I sat watching it all on television in disbelief and terrible sadness. I couldn't fathom why these people didn't evacuate.

This story really opened my eyes - and my heart! For so many, they had no choice.

lausilamireapp.tk They had no where to go; no way to leave. Ward answers a lot of these question and gives her own account of those days during Hurricane Katrina.