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E proper because any irregularity in the payment of the notarial fees does not affect the validity of the notarization made. Ausente enrolled in a seminar given by an MCLE provider. Whenever he has court or other professional commitments, he would send his messenger or a member of his legal staff to register his attendance at the MCLE sessions so he could be credited with the required qualifying attendance.

A required to make up for his absence by attending lecture sessions in other MCLE providers. B sanctioned because he circumvented or evaded full compliance with the MCLE requirements. C excused because he attended to profession-related tasks, and fully studied the courses through the materials and CDs he secured. E excused because attendance by proxy is a widespread and tolerated MCLE practice. Because of the large amount of his claim, he had to pay a sizeable docket fee. He insisted on paying the docket fee and other fees in installments because staggered payment is allowed under Rule , as amended.

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The Office of the Clerk of Court OCC refused to accept the complaint unless he paid the full amount of the docket and other required fees. Anunciante is engaged in the practice of law and has a regular, live, weekly TV program where he gives advice to and answers questions from the audience and program viewers concerning U. Occasionally, advertisements inviting viewers to watch his TV program are shown outside his regular program schedule.

Because of the popularity of his TV program, the number of his law practice clients increased tremendously. D ethically allowable because it does not violate the traditional standards of the legal profession. Vito is a notorious gangster in the province who has been accused of raping and mercilessly killing a year old girl. Sentiments run very strongly against him and the local Bar Association met and decided that no lawyer in the locality would represent him. Vito could not afford the services of an out-of-town counsel. Choose the most appropriate legal and ethical characterization of the decision of the local Bar Association.

A It is within its right to make, since lawyers may freely decide who to represent and who not to represent.

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C It constitutes an anticipated act of contempt towards the court that may order any of the members of the association to represent the accused. D It must be concurred in by each member of the Bar Association to have any binding force. Graft Investigator Atty. Retirada served the Office of the Deputy Ombudsman for eight years before retiring from the service.

While still a Graft Investigator, she investigated a government contract for office supplies where Mr. Sakim was the supplier. The transaction was supposedly overpriced. Retirada recommended that no charges be filed against the officials involved and the recommendation benefited Mr.

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Sakim as the supplier involved in the transaction. After her retirement from the service, Atty. Sakim as counsel to represent the Sakim family in a claim against the State arising from a family property that had been expropriated. Retirada now consults you about the ethical permissibility of accepting the engagement. A Having been in government service, she cannot now represent a party with a claim against the State.

B Having once handled a case involving her prospective client, a conflict of interest would exist if she were to accept the engagement. C Representing the Sakim family would involve the unethical use of information she obtained while in government service. D There is no ethical objection to her acceptance of the engagement because the case is neither criminal nor administrative in character.

E Acceptance of the engagement should be on condition that Atty. Retirada would withdraw if a conflict of interest situation arises. Your client is the plaintiff in a civil case for damages arising from a car accident where he sustained serious physical injuries and damages amounting to P1Million. The counsel for the defendant asks you to give him a proposed amount for purposes of settlement and you are aware that whatever amount you tell him would not readily be accepted and would probably be cut into half.

Candido engaged the services of Atty. Lebron in a criminal case. In the course of their consultations, Candido admitted to Atty. Lebron that he committed the crime and in fact actively planned its commission. He stressed, however, that under no circumstance would he admit or confess to the murder charge he is facing and, in fact, would enter a plea of "not guilty" on arraignment. A discontinue his representation; to continue would be unethical since he would then be aiding the accused in foisting a deliberate falsehood on the court.

B allow Candido to choose his course of action; Atty. C convince Candido to plead guilty and withdraw from the case if Candido refuses to heed his advice. D file a manifestation, if Candido pleads "not guilty," declaring to the court what he knows of the truth.

E play matters by ear and wait for developments as Candido may still plead guilty. The TRO, however, carried conditions that must be in place before the threatened demolition can be fully halted. A It is unethical since he counseled civil servants to disregard a court order. C It constitutes indirect contempt, but the lawyer cannot be disciplined because he acted out of his firm and honest conviction. D It is neither contemptuous nor unethical since he was performing his duties as city legal officer.

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The mediator assigned to a civil case happens to be your law school classmate and he makes a doctrinal statement about the rights of the parties. B just keep quiet because the other counsel might learn about your relationship with the mediator. C reveal your relationship with the mediator and ask the opposing counsel if he has any objections. Wanda finally became pregnant in the 10th year of her marriage to Horacio.

As her pregnancy progressed, she started having difficulty breathing and was easily fatigued.

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The doctors diagnosed that she has a heart congestion problem dueto a valve defect, and that her chances of carrying a baby to full term are slim. Wanda is scared and contemplates the possibility of abortion.

She thus sought legal advice from Diana, a lawyer-friend and fellow church member, who has been informally advising her on legal matters. A Beg off from giving any advice because it is a situation that is not purely legal. B Advise Wanda on the purely legal side of her problem and assure her that abortion is allowed by law if the pregnancy endangers the life of the mother. C Advise that it is a religious problem before it is a medical or legal one, and Wanda should consult and follow the advice of her religious confessor.

D Advise Wanda that abortion, above everything else, is a moral problem and she should only have an abortion if it is an act she can live with. E Refrain from giving any kind of advice as abortion is a serious matter that cannot be resolved through informal consultations with friends and fellow church members. Based on the same facts as Question XIV, assume that Diana, aside from being a family friend of the couple, has been formally and informally acting as their lawyer in all their personal and family affairs. In this instance, Wanda asked about her legal rights but did not formally ask for a written opinion from Diana.

Horacio never had any input on the query as he was then away on an out-of-town trip for his office. Diana advised Wanda that she is fully protected in law and her best course of action is to have an abortion while her pregnancy is not yet far advanced. A Yes. The decision of whether to have an abortion should be decided by both spouses; thus, Diana should not have provided legal advice in the absence of Horacio whose concerns and positions are unknown to her. Diana did not give any formal advice that would constitute legal practice calling for the strict observance of the conflict of interest rules.

The potential subject matters tested are:. The MPT asks a student to complete a task which a new lawyer should be able to successfully handle.


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The MBE is a six hour, question multiple choice exam. It is developed by the National Conference of Bar Examiners and is offered on the morning and afternoon sessions of the second day of the exam. A total of questions are included in each session and all questions are then combined for grading purposes. The subject areas tested on the MBE are:. It is anticipated that within the next few years, the subject of Civil Procedure under the federal rules will be added to the MBE. The passing score for the MPRE is a scaled score of eighty and must be achieved within two years before or after the date the applicant successfully takes the Indiana bar examination.

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Foreign attorneys may apply for a foreign license with the State of Indiana. The clinical approach presents a direct emotional connection to clients, rather than a hypothetical client in examinations. Seeing and speaking to real people renders them much harder to dehumanize. Other universities have remained stagnant in adopting new teaching methods. Its discussions of the oppressive nature of legal institutions, prisons, identity in the law and other unique issues arrive at a critical time where law schools are absent of such teachings until fifth year electives.

Law schools might adopt this model as a central component behind the majority of compulsory courses, rejecting a simplistic application of law to facts and adopting a well-rounded testing method. You are commenting using your WordPress.