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The study included patients who were 66 years or older and were diagnosed with either localized or advanced prostate cancer between and The authors reviewed and included diagnosis codes for both Alzheimer dementia AD and dementia. A total of , patients met study criteria, of which 62, received ADT within 2 years of diagnosis.

Lifestyle changes could prevent a third of dementia cases, report suggests

Similarly, patients treated with ADT had higher rates of dementia There was also an association between the number of doses of ADT received and the risk of AD and dementia. Therefore, the authors concluded that there was an association between ADT exposure and the development of AD or dementia in patients with prostate cancer.

Dementia is a terrible word. Why do people still use it?

This study has several limitations, including the patient population Medicare enrollees only , retrospective nature of the study, and potential variability in physician diagnosis and billing codes used for AD and dementia. A recent study published in Pharmacotherapy conducted a similar type of retrospective cohort study looking at the long-term side effects associated with ADT. In addition to dementia, patients receiving ADT were found to have increased risks of bone fractures HR, 1.

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Future studies are needed to confirm this potential link of ADT to dementia in patient with prostate cancer. Ideally, prospective studies would be conducted to further evaluate this potential link.

Rate of Memory Change Before and After Cancer Diagnosis

Hurd said the use of technology offers some promise for reducing those costs in the future. For example, better telemedicine might allow for lower staffing levels at long-term care facilities.

Mayo Clinic Study Finds Anesthesia Poses No Threat For Long-Term Dementia In Elderly

In addition, home assistance devices could help caregivers to handle physically demanding tasks, he said. The researchers presented the costs in a range to reflect the different ways to estimate the value of in-home care provided by unpaid caregivers. Under the higher estimates, unpaid caregiver costs are calculated by determining how much it would cost to purchase comparable care from a home health agency.

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  8. In the case of an elderly caregiver who is out of the workforce, that number would be quite low, Dr. Hurd said. The findings also offer a message to policymakers: Invest in dementia research. Monetary costs of dementia in the United States.

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