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Start your search here Getting through the night: coping with common baby sleep problems. Love Loved Unlove All Bedtime Stories Bedtime Stories - Getting through the night: coping with common baby sleep problems Practical ideas, tips and advice for coping with common baby sleep problems. Following a night-time routine can help your baby get to sleep.

Common Myths About Baby Sleep Challenges

What can I do to help my baby sleep? However, there are some tried and tested approaches that are worth considering to find one that feels right for you and your baby: Stick to a routine Babies thrive on predictability, so a simple bedtime routine can really help settle your little one for the night. Night feeds As your baby gets a bit older, some parents try and encourage increased night-time sleep by giving them more of their feeds during the day. Overtiredness It sounds strange, but overtired babies can struggle to get to sleep too — look out for signs of tiredness such as yawning, looking away and becoming grumpy.

It's important that you make sure you get some rest when you can. Sleep deprivation and postnatal depression Remember that tiredness and sleeplessness can make it easier for other anxieties to creep in, and may make minor problems feel bigger than they really are. Bedtime Stories. View all. Bedtime tips and tricks.

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All shows. Are you ready to try CBBC? We'll hide these CBBC shows for 30 days. Mindell, Ph. Consider these helpful fixes on how you can help your little one get to bed, stay asleep, and wake up when you want. No tears here! Melissa Moore, Ph. Try an evening bath to mark the end of the day; even if you skip the soap, the warm water can induce drowsiness.

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Before you or your partner goes to sleep, gently wake your infant to nurse or bottle-feed. This will help him wake less often in the coming hours. Give her choices: Would she like to stomp up the stairs like an elephant to get to her room or tiptoe like a mouse? You can also create a chart together that shows every step of her bedtime routine, including how many books you read. You can create a consistent sleep schedule with this advice from Jodi A. The bedtime routine can be where you create positive sleep associations for your baby. Teach your baby to self-soothe, which means trying your best to soothe them less.

However, try and limit your time in there with them. Place your hand on their chest for a few moments to calm them, then leave the room. This can help ease separation anxiety, break the sleep association to be held to fall back asleep, and help your baby learn to self soothe.

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Once it's nap and bedtime, I turn on the sound machine and put her in it and it's like it gives her instant comfort and she knows it's sleep time. She is warm and secure and sleeps longer stretches because of it!

Shop Zen Sacks. Start weaning the night feedings. Once you get the okay from your doctor to stop night feedings, you should slowly start to reduce them. In many cases, feeding becomes a sleep association because you fed your baby every time they woke up.

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Slowly wean them off the night feedings maybe try a dream feed? Follow a schedule.

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Make sure your baby is getting the right amount of daytime sleep to prepare them to get the right amount of nighttime sleep. As they get older, they start sleeping longer periods, the longest stretches being at night. Take a look at our sample sleep schedules for some suggested guidelines.

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Keep a calming ambiance. Ambiance can be everything! Keep the room at comfortable temperature, make sure it stays dark, and even try adding some white noise in there! The softest of sounds can disturb your baby at night, the white noise will provide a consistent, soothing sound for them to fall asleep to, and it will drown out any other noises happening around the house.