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The "Venom" movie alludes to the idea that there are hundreds more symbiotes from their home planet, and that we only saw a sliver of them. Whether a sequel sticks to the idea that Carnage is an offspring of Venom or an entirely separate symbiote remains to be seen.

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Fleischer also said that the ambition "was to show that there are legs for the franchise in that a fan favorite let alone played by Woody Harrelson would be something we could look forward to in the future. Search icon A magnifying glass. It indicates, "Click to perform a search".

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Travis Clark. In the comics, the Carnage symbiote is an offspring of Venom that bonds to Kasady in prison.

In the scene, Brock visits Kasady in prison, who vows "there's gonna be carnage" when he escapes. With "Venom" a box-office hit, there's bound to be a sequel — and more Carnage.

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What better way to market a new series than to sponsor a treasure hunt that rivals the wonder of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory? Instead of a golden ticket hidden inside a chocolate bar, fans of Marvel are hunting for an original sketch by Mark Bagley.

Bagley has sketched comic books for Marvel since He quietly left Marvel for DC in the early s but returned to Marvel in Bagley is credited with creating the character of Carnage while he worked on several Venom comic books, according to SyFy Wire. He also worked extensively on The Amazing Spider-Man.

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  • What you need to know about the Spider-Man villain who appears in the 'Venom' after-credits scene!
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  • What you need to know about the Spider-Man villain who appears in the 'Venom' after-credits scene!

Marvel announced that 20 sketches had been placed in comic books across the United States. They are located on the inside of the back cover of the book, according to CNET. I found one of the 20!!!! Open those books and read them people lol.

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Unbelievable whataluck might need to do a special haul video to talk about this one….. According to Bleeding Cool , four of the sketches have been located and posted to social media. Numbers 1, 6, 14, and 20 have been uncovered across the United States.