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With the help of Vedic astrology one could obtain a better estimation how to get to this aim. Like Hinduism, Vedic astrology is a pluralistic flexible system which knows many ways and adopts ever new forms. Because of that, it is well practicable and helpful in the modern west, in the same manner as Yoga, Ayurveda and Meditation have come from India to the western countries and have helped many people.

There are four aims of human life: Kama, Artha, Dharma and Moksha. Kama is the longing for emotional and sensual completion. We can also call it desire. Everything we do should be a source of bliss and do no harm to any other person. Artha is the achievement of aims as well as wealth and the obtaining of precious things.

We can also call it prosperity. Dharma is the striving after acknowledgement and honor or mission.

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Everyone wants to get acknowledged and valued because of his or her deeds. Moksha is freedom from everything, so called enlightment or self realization.

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We have to transcend the three lower principles and our self until we have become one with everything that exists. All four aims are called Dharma because Dharma is the most fundamental law. Moksha is the highest of them all. Vedic astrology knows the importance and meaning of the four aims for our life and wants to help us to attain them. The three first - pleasure, wealth and work? The purpose is to raise awareness of where common agreements and flow exists, and where difficulties may be experienced and understanding is required. In his practice he incorporates his B. Fedor offers astrological services in English and Spanish.

He is a member of Ananda Portland and lives in their intentional community, which is based on the teachings of Paramhansa Yogananda and his disciple Swami Kriyananda. Fedor brings his warmth, sensitivity, deep insight and passion for vedic astrology into his readings. He was wonderful with my mom, who had never had an astrology reading in her life. My husband and I, both seasoned clients, have had readings and found them perceptive and helpful.

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Every time I have seen Fedor for a reading, I have left inspired, and with a deeper understanding of myself and my life. A naturally insightful and compassionate counselor, Fedor draws from his love of Vedic Astrology a unique expertise. Over the years, I have come to him for annual updates and also for specific readings for family crises, surgeries, and relationship steering, each time receiving practical steps and a depth of counsel on the challenges being faced.

go to site It is my joy to recommend Fedor wholeheartedly! I have had several Vedic Astrology readings from different readers over the years.