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Harris has devoted his career to working with agencies in Arizona and around the world to develop research and educational enterprises that benefit the public. He recently co-authored a book titled Adrift: Charting Our Course Back to a Great Nation, which discusses education, innovation and revitalizing the American economy. Prior to joining SFAz, Dr. Immediately prior to going to Ireland, Dr. Harris was vice president of research and professor of chemistry and biochemistry at the University of South Carolina USC. There, he oversaw research activities throughout the USC system, several interdisciplinary centers and institutes, the USC Research Foundation and sponsored research programs.

Harris served at the U. National Science Foundation NSF from to , including as the director for mathematical and physical sciences He also established 25 Science and Technology Centers to support investigative, interdisciplinary research by multi-university consortia. Earlier in his career, he catalyzed the Research Experience for Undergraduates program in the chemistry division and it became an NSF-wide activity. From , Dr. During his tenure, Dr.


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Harris worked to establish and strengthen new educational and research programming at Biosphere 2 and build up relationships with other Arizona institutions. Pennsylvania, lush, hilly and rich in lumber and coal, offers Victorian charm, tidy downtowns and unparalleled river, mountain and valley views. Iowa is flat and wide, a topography that couldn't be more different from that of the woodsy Eastern United States.

Yet, there are gems to be found in each little Iowa town; water towers, murals, soda shops, antique cars and the best darn Butterscotch Pie you'll ever find anywhere why do I suddenly sound like a Twin Peaks character? Hope , Pennsylvania Route 6. These are tough economic times for our country, but it's not the first time and it won't be the last. About 8 years ago, I had the good fortune to interview Pete Seeger, born in and with intimate knowledge about the Great Depression, for a boating magazine.

The topic was the part he played in the cleanup of the Hudson River. I told him I just needed thirty minutes. He invited me to his home - set on a wooded hillside overlooking that mighty Hudson - and at 8am, we sat at his kitchen table where I listened and wrote and listened and wrote until I looked up and it was 2pm. Six hours had gone by in an instant. Pete apologized for not offering me lunch. Shortly after the interview began, Seeger stated that he had little hope for the human race; that he didn't think there'd BE a human race in years.

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But by the end of the six hours, something made him change his mind. He considered all the causes he is still asked to support, the "thousands of little initiatives" out there in America, and believed that with all these initiatives and all this energy and hope - why, there might be a chance for us yet. Labels: Route 6 , US Route 6. The back page of New York Magazine consists of The Approval Matrix - a grid indicating what editors consider "highbrow, lowbrow, brilliant or despicable" each week.

Though I won't be utilizing a grid in my posts, I can tell already that my daily Route 6 jaunts will encompass sites and experiences that would fit into each of the four quadrants; highbrow brilliant, lowbrow brilliant, highbrow despicable and lowbrow despicable. Yesterday, I learned of a Monster Truck field and gravity-defying event - called the Cornfield - held on a Route 6 farm in Pennsylvania.

I'll give it "lowbrow brilliant" for the clever repurposing of fallow land and the rolicking crowd it draws. This is especially true in Utah, where Route 6 manages to miss every single National Park an enormous feat, since Utah is riddled with them , but cuts through huge swaths of BLM land.

I'll pass on the run-down, seemingly filthy roadside motels curb-appeal counts! I don't mind flea market accouterments. Just keep the fleas out of it.

States' bottom line improves, but can the good news last?

And I can't wait to be a pampered guest. I'll report back on the best places to stay along Route In the stark and arid land north of Los Angeles, a tribute to the Film Industry. I love museums - the quirkier the better.

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Once a friend of mine proclaimed - "Mal, if there's a Museum of Wheat you'll find it! The kind of museum that a community supports tells a lot about that community. Does the town lift businessmen or civil servants on pedestals?

Author Steven Beschloss on MSNBC Martin Bashir Show:

Did a certain industry or singular event put the city on the map? When I walk into a history museum or historic site or old home, I hear echos from the past and witness the things upon which locals place great importance. And then I stop into a local restaurant or dive, start asking questions and hear another dimension to the story.

So it should surprise no one that though I'll you'll be following Route 6 across the USA, I'll also be riding on other highways as well. Is Route 6 a two-lane highway?

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In many places it is. In others, it "duplexes with" interstates most notably in Colorado on I70 and other major US routes. In some places the current Route 6 stays on these thruways while the older 6 alignment cuts through small downtowns. As I refuse to stay on interstates longer than I have to, I will take the "Business 6" whenever I can.

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Sounds confusing? It really isn't. As long as you "Stay on Route 6.