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Self-examination must be done on a regular basis; you will have to stay healthy and exercise, get enough sleep, continue learning, and do things or attend events that will open both sides of your brain, stay focused and work very hard. You will learn how to manage all of these throughout the week, and how to monitor what you are doing.

If you don't have a way to monitor yourself, you will slip up without seeing it coming. Monitoring is also a good way to continually make progress, because it is a good place to set some goals toward maintenance. Maintenance: First let's review the steps of this major change in your life. You decide you want to think like a millionaire, so you can make that million dollars.

To begin, you are going to have to find some time alone, and not a few hours -- but a few days. This is to do a thorough self-assessment of your habits, health, characteristics, skills, and how you think and make decisions. You have to evaluate everything you do and think, and how you behave. When you have done this, and made concrete lists of things you need to change, continue, or start, only then are you ready to do those things. It can't be done in a week or even two. You have to give yourself time to prepare your mind for the task ahead.

Trick #1: Millionaires Use Numbers to Trick Their Brains

You have to make these changes into habits and regular routine. When you get to the point you feel mentally strong, then you are ready to make some strategic plans for the rest of your life. Don't be in a rush, because rushing through important affairs will be a worthless activity. It may be months, or years, until you are ready.

But once you have the mindset of strategic thinking, you will know. Use your charts that you made in your self-evaluation, so you stay focused on what you need to change. Work hard at it on a daily basis and reassess continually. If you are in a dead end job or one you hate, knowing you are creating the mindset to make changes soon will give you the energy to get through the day.

Don't make any changes to your job until you have the plans ready. When you are confident in your new habits, characteristics, skills, learning, and whole-brain thinking, you are ready to make that strategic plan, set goals and objectives for how you will reach those goals.

10 Steps to Gaining a Millionaire Mindset

If you go into your new life without a plan, you will lack any focus to make it. You have to know what you want, and how you intend to get there. So you decide you are ready, and you make your strategic plans, and keep up the hard work moving toward your goals. It will be important to pay attention to your actions. Your actions reflect your thinking. On a daily basis -- later, once a week, but never less than that -- you must plan a time for honest reflection.

It will only hurt you if you aren't honest with yourself. Practice honesty in all things. If you see you are not continuing to keep to the strategic way of thinking, or the plan you developed, don't let it slide. Right at that point, you need to focus more on where you are losing your strength of character and get back on the track.

A self-analysis will keep you focused, a management plan will help you get it all done, and monitoring will become your new evaluation tool. Management: Managing this lifestyle may be the very thing that most will neglect, but learning to manage your life will decrease anxiety, keep you healthy and fit, increase your intelligence, and make you successful. Managing does not mean merely keeping track of what you do or don't do. That's monitoring. Managing is learning to fit it all in. This happens through organization. Organization might be a characteristic you find you need to work on. There are some rules for organizing and managing anything that are basic.

First you have to get rid of anything that is not healthy, has no purpose, or simply won't fit. To develop a lifestyle, you need to organize not only the new behaviors you have worked on, but your living space, your work space, and your car. It is difficult to manage part of your life and not others.

There are lots of organizational apps and ideas on the web. Once you've discarded things that are not necessities, you have to decide what you use daily, hourly, weekly, or every moment. That's how you decide which things get the best place.

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You have to have a calendar system, an alarm system to alert you to daily appointments and activities, and you have to know when you are most alert. Use the less alert times as your exercise times. Now you have to make a decision about time.

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Though you should remain somewhat flexible, studies have proven that if you keep a fairly regular schedule, it takes less energy to accomplish all you want to accomplish in your day. Decide what type of exercise you will do, and where. If you need to get out of the office, then plan that. If you need to be outdoors, then exercising outdoors will fulfill both needs. Maybe you prefer to do something at home, before work, or right after. You could have small weights, a jump rope, and a DVD in your office.

Whatever you decide, do it at the same time every day. Don't make it hard to commit to daily. Keep it below an hour. Put this in your schedule. Next, determine what time you have to go to bed to get the eight hours or more sleep you require.

Schedule that. Eating healthy food is important. If you have little money, which you might if you've quit your job, learn what is cheap and healthy, make sure you cover the food groups, and don't waste money on junk or eating out. It is just too costly.

There are ways to manage special meals by eating outdoors, inviting a friend over to cook with you, or by trying new recipes. If you work from home, make sure when you cook dinner you make enough for lunch the next day. Don't skip breakfast. The most difficult part of eating healthy is making yourself your own food and not grabbing fast food or running up an expense that is unnecessary. This is part of the hard work. Then put on your schedule how you intend to open your whole brain.

Will you put in an activity, a time for music, art, or a lecture?


Millionaire Mindset: 5 Mind Tricks to Earn More Money - Wholesale Ted

Know the resources in your community that are free. Most have an abundance, if not in the community, through the schools or community colleges. Look for clubs or other social activities that cost no money. Make sure each week you schedule time to learn something new. Sometimes you can do one thing that will suffice for two. If you are lacking in creativity, you might take in an art show and learn about the artist. If you invite a friend, you will have a social event.

The way to manage is to keep your list of the things you are working on handy -- and every week, schedule in how you will address these. Get creative and you will find that you can really enjoy the new habits, and learning. One of my clients suggested that I might as well open up a school.

Wealth Starts in Your Mind: 4 Ways to Develop a Wealth Mindset

I thought that was a great idea, so I did. As I traveled across the continent giving my seminars, I noticed something strange: You could have two people sitting side by side in exactly the same room, learning exactly the same principles and strategies. One person would take these tools and skyrocket to success. But what do you think might happen to the person sitting right next to him or her?

The answer is, not much! So I designed a program called the Millionaire Mind Intensive based on the inner game of money and success. Let me put it this way: Using the exact principles I teach, I have now earned millions and millions of dollars and am a multimultimillionaire several times over. Virtually all my investments and business ventures seem to skyrocket! It is essential you recognize how your old ways of thinking and acting have gotten you exactly where you are right now.

Not because you know me personally, but because thousands and thousands of people have already changed their lives as a result of the principles in this book. Speaking of trust, it reminds me of one of my favorite sto- ries.