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Phagocytosis-shielded lentiviral vectors for hemophilia gene therapy Alessio Cantore Italy. Liver toxicity in gene therapy Edward Tuddenham UK. Targeting of hepatocyte subpopulation contributing to liver post-natal growth is crucial for maintenance of transgene expression in liver-directed gene therapy Michela Milani Italy. Transplantation of fetal liver cells into newborn hemophilic mice for the treatment of hemophilia A without inhibitors formation Simone Merlin Italy. Immunotolerance induction in hemophilia Part I.

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Is it important to induce immune tolerance in the era of non-replacement therapies? Elena Santagostino Italy. David Scott USA. Event reference LEE Novel drugs Chair: Paul Coppo France. The discussion of the SPM focused on sections with key messages on drivers of changes in nature and on the prospects of achieving conservation of nature and sustainable development. Highlights of the working group included discussions on the following issues:.

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Delegates exchanged views on which proposed assessment reports to prioritize, with many pointing to transformative change, as well as the reports addressing the nexus between biodiversity, water, food, and health on the one hand, and biodiversity and climate change on the other. In general comments on the Global Assessment, delegates asked for clear and concrete messages as well as targets that are easily understood.

Other comments focused on ensuring that large ecosystems, such as boreal forests and freshwater ecosystems, are appropriately referenced in the SPM.

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Following these general exchanges, the Working Group engaged in extensive discussions on how to characterize the extent and rate of decline of specific ecosystems and how to describe the state of domesticated animals and plants. Much of the discussion focused on a perceived mismatch between the mandates of the Multidisciplinary Expert Panel MEP , the Bureau, and the Secretariat, and the proposed requests addressed to them.

Delegates eventually converged on an approach for taking the recommendations made by the Review Panel into account in implementing the work programme, including by identifying solutions for consideration by IPBES. They also converged on encouraging members and observers to use the findings and recommendations contained in the report to inform their decisions and other interactions with the Platform, and in supporting the implementation of its work programme.

The Secretariat will prepare a revised draft decision on this agenda item for consideration by Plenary. Opening the session, IPBES Chair Robert Watson noted that the Global Assessment is the first comprehensive intergovernmental biodiversity assessment since the Millennium Ecosystem Assessment in , stressing it provides evidence for informed action by governments, private sector, and civil society.

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Audrey Azoulay, UNESCO Director-General, stressed alliances between science and youth, disseminating messages more broadly to civil society, and addressing challenges of economic development. IPBES Executive Secretary Anne Larigauderie said the Global Assessment will not only highlight the importance of biodiversity conservation for attaining the SDGs, but also address the intangible contribution of biodiversity to our identity and cultural heritage.

The choice is ours. Emmanuelle Wargon, State Secretary at the Ministry for the Ecological and Inclusive Transition, France, stressed the need for ambitious policies at the national level to drive strong strategies internationally. Brune Poirson, State Secretary at the Ministry for the Ecological and Inclusive Transition, France, emphasized that France is doing everything in its power to protect nature and build an international agenda for biodiversity that is as powerful as the one on climate change. Underscoring that there is one year left to build a strong framework for biodiversity at the international level, she stressed that now is the time to translate science to policy for public actions.

IPBES Executive Secretary Anne Larigauderie thanked all speakers for the powerful and inspirational messages, highlighting the connection between biodiversity and climate change. Transformative change emerged as a cross-cutting issue in several sessions during the day. During an information session on the process and methodology of the Global Assessment, several participants noted that the Global Assessment, like all previous IPBES assessments and similar reports from other organizations, underlines the need for immediate action to transform the relationship between humans and nature, asking how IPBES can support this transformation.

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In the discussion on the second work programme, participants supported transformative change as a priority for future IPBES work along with work on the interlinkages between climate change and biodiversity loss. In a panel discussion on enhancing stakeholder engagement during the second work programme, one speaker highlighted that the external review of IPBES has shown that transformative change can only be achieved if all four functions of IPBES are implemented, including assessments, policy support, capacity building, and communication and outreach.

Global Assessment authors and delegates celebrate the SPM approval. Delegates from France and the US consult on the draft text. Yasuo Takahashi and Hirohide Matsushima , Japan. A Friends of the Chair group meets over lunch break to finalize amendments to a section of the summary for policy makers of the Global Assessment report. The French delegation discusses additions to the text.

Delegates heard reports from the Working Group Co-Chairs. A Friends of the Chair group reviews text projected on screen.

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Senka Barudanovic , Bosnia and Herzegovina. A Friends of the Chair group meets at lunch time.